Croton-On-Hudson Sleep Apnea Treatment

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that, by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine estimates, affects 25 million people in the U.S. People who suffer from sleep apnea experience repeated “apneas,” or interruptions to breathing, while they sleep. Several factors are believed to cause sleep apnea, including being overweight, having a tongue that’s too large, or weak airway muscles.

Whatever the cause, sleep apnea is detrimental to your quality of sleep, which impacts daily energy levels and mental focus. It even contributes to more serious health issues since it increases blood pressure and puts strain on the heart.

Symptoms of sleep apnea
  • Snoring
  • Restless sleep
  • Night sweats
  • Fatigue during waking hours
  • Impaired focus during waking hours
  • Headaches
  • Waking suddenly with a choking or gasping sensation
  • Sore throat or dry mouth when waking

What does a dentist have to do with sleep apnea?

Since sleep apnea has to do with a patient’s breathing during sleep, the condition often causes certain dental issues. Dental problems caused by sleep apnea include:
  • 5Bruxism (teeth grinding or clenching)
  • 5Dry mouth
  • 5Advancing periodontal disease
  • 5Cavities

How we help

A visit to the dentist is often the first step toward diagnosing untreated sleep apnea since dental issues associated with the sleep disorder are evident during an examination. At Smiles on Hudson, we can diagnose the condition with sleep apnea testing, and we can also offer solutions for sleep apnea treatment.

MAD for Croton-on-Hudson sleep apnea treatment
A mandibular advancement device (MAD) is a popular treatment method for sleep apnea and it looks and feels a lot like a mouth guard. A custom MAD is made with a hard plastic mold of the patient’s upper and lower teeth that snaps in place over the teeth. Hinges work to move the lower jaw and tongue forward to open the patient’s upper airway as they sleep. This action reduces snoring as well as apneas since the airway becomes unblocked.

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What to expect when getting a MAD fitted with a sleep apnea dentist

  • 1. Once the dentist has diagnosed your sleep apnea, you can be fitted for a MAD.
  • 2. At your first appointment, dental impressions will be taken on your teeth so that the device can be custom-made to fit your mouth.
  • 3. At a follow-up appointment, the finished appliance will be placed in your mouth and adjusted for comfort and effectiveness.
  • 4. The dentist will show you how to put the device in your mouth and you can begin using it during sleep immediately.

All your questions, answered

Are MADs painful to wear?

While the oral appliance can be uncomfortable, especially in the beginning before the patient is used to wearing it, pain should never be present while it’s in use. If gum pain presents, this typically means the device needs to be adjusted to fit better. If jaw pain presents, this could indicate the presence of TMJ. The dentist should be informed immediately in this case since patients with TMJ should not use MADs.

Does Health Insurance Cover MADs?
Most health insurance policies have coverage in place for oral devices used to treat sleep apnea. Your coverage will depend on your healthcare plan, and we’ll help you navigate your plan to determine the costs associated with the treatment.
Are there any side effects when using a MAD?

Some minor side effects can be expected when using an oral sleep apnea device:

  • Dryness in the mouth
  • Excess saliva production
  • Stiff jaw
  • Minor toothaches

Since the device is kept in place by the patient’s teeth, another risk is that teeth could move out of alignment. The dentist will monitor the patient’s teeth to ensure there is no movement.

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